Hello and welcome to blenderer! You being here probably means you’re a blenderer, just like me, looking for ways to improve your blender capabilities. This can be by getting higher quality renders, adjusting to a better workflow or learning new techniques. If this sounds like you, you should definitely stay! Blenderer is here to help you! If this doesn’t sound like you and you wonder why you can’t find smoothie recipes here, please stick around for a while! Check out some of the free tutorials and who knows, maybe you’ll get hooked like me.

How I became a blenderer

Blenderer is the name generally used for users of Blender’s 3d software, or so Andrew Price told me when I was watching my first tutorial. I’d been looking into game development, tried a few things, and found I came away dissapointed with the models used in most tutorials. They simply didn’t look good enough for me. So, one day I said to myself ‘Jesse (that’s me by the way), why don’t you stop whining and try to make a character yourself’ This, I found out was no easy task.

Like anyone used to having a computer, I went straight to google. “3d modelling software” gave some results, but because I didn’t want to spend right away “free 3d modelling software” followed soon after. That’s what got me to Blender. After finding some great positive reviews I hit download (although I’d probably hit download if the reviews were bad, free is free after all) and installed the software. Now came the next part, finding a tutorial.

Right off the bat I’ll admit I was a little overconfident. I typed in “Blender character modelling tutorial” and expected to have my own character within one, maybe two weeks. I was wrong. First of, I started looking for these tutorials on youtube and couldn’t find any that looked good. I wasn’t going to waste my time making something I wouldn’t want to show even my family! After some extended searching I found some text-based tutorials, but quickly realized I didn’t understand a word that was there. After some thought I had to admit to myself this was going to take time. After this, I finaly got the sense to type in “Blender for beginners” or something like that. This took me to a few sites, which recommended a few blender artists on youtube. After looking around I got to Andrew Price, better known as Blender Guru, and started making a donut. I finished the whole series in 3 days, and when I was done, I was hooked and wanted more.

That’s how my blender story began, and I’ve never regretted it since.


Why I started Blenderer

As you might have noticed, a lot of my time learning Blender went to looking for ways to be able to do so. For me, this was a waste of time. I don’t mean this in a “my time is worth more than your time” kind of way, not at all. What I mean is that there are only 24 hours in a day, most of which are filled with things that need doing. Too much free time is rarely an issue, so when I have it I like to spend it doing something I like, such as blendering. I wished there was a website that just listed all the tutorials and told me which ones to do, giving me more time to improve.

Now I know there are websites like CG Cookie, but these are all paid. There’s of course nothing wrong with that, from what I’ve heard they offer great tutorials, but I don’t like spending money unless I have to. So there I was, having to choose between either paying or searching for tutorials, wishing there was a third option. That’s when I figured that if that’s what I wanted, there had to be more blenderers who wanted the same. Simply put, I got an idea and now here I am, helping out blenderers like me.

My goal

I built Blenderer to help blenderers, and that’s what I’m going to do. Need a tutorial? You’ll find one here. Want to find out how you can get better renders? Come right in! Do you need help with anything else? Yeah, that’s right. Blenderer.

All the best,

Jesse Davis